Welcome to The Surprise Date Challenge!

It doesn’t matter if you are weeks, months, years, or decades into your relationship, keeping things fresh and exciting can be a challenge! Work, kids, family, pets…life can just get in the way of planning some valuable one to one time with your partner.

At Surprise Date Challenge, our goal is simple! To help busy people like you have more fun by taking the time, research and stress out of planning those all important date nights – a date more interesting than dinner and a movie! We challenge to you to have more fun together!

How Does It Work?

If you haven’t done so already, get started by downloading your Free Surprise Date Night Kit! Full of fun ideas, tips, and inspiration to get your dates rolling again.  After that we have three ways to help you have more fun together!

Date Ideas

Date Ideas

If you are a ‘Do It Yourself’ kind of person and have the time, then use our Date Ideas page to get free inspiration for future dates. We keep the page updated for you so you can create shared experiences to bring even more joy, connection and romance to your relationship.


Date of the Month

Date of the Month

If you never find the time to plan special date nights, join our Date of the Month Club. We deliver simple “surprise date” experiences to your inbox each month. You will receive an at-home date, an out-on-the-town date, a superb gift idea, food and drink suggestions, and great conversation starter questions each month.


The Book

Surprise Date Challenge Book

We are so passionate about helping you become the happiest couple you know that we wrote a book about it!  You can find it at major book retailers, on Amazon, or right here in our store!  It’s a great read…even if you just leave it on the coffee table as a gentle hint to your partner to make something happen!


If finding the time to plan quality time with your loved one is a challenge, let us do it for you!

Your relationship is worth it!

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