A love relationship holds great significance in our lives as it ignites passion, romance, and warmth of true feelings. If you are truly in love with your partner, trying to make them happy is part of the daily activities we actively do to show we care.  Sparking spontaneity every now and again to maintain the freshness of love is imperative. Be sure to make time to surprise your partner to improve the passion quotient of your relationship.

But, which surprise is sure to WOW your partner?

This question stops many passionate couples from enjoying so many new experiences. We have assembled a few ideas that we know will elicit Oohhs and Aahhs from your partner.  We guaranty any of these will make your partner feel special!

1. Helicopter Ride

The helicopter is one of the most romantic tours you can gift your partner. If your partner is an adventurous person, a helicopter excursion at sunset is one of the best ways to romantically see your city from above.  It’s not only mesmerizing but an amazing experience to share together.

2. Flying to Different Cities

This idea is also ideal for people who love to fly and travel. Traveling is true education in motion.  You can take your partner for breakfast in Chicago from Dallas, savor lunch in Tampa, go to Miami for a delicious dinner and devour dessert on the plane going back home. Keep the cities a surprise and take your partner on a date that neither of you will ever forget.

3. Wine Tasting Tour

If your partner is a wine connoisseur, arrange a tour at amazing vineyard where you both can see the cultivation of grapes, the wine production stages, and of course, taste your favorite varietals. Be sure to find vineyards that offer a “Winemaker for a Day” program that will allow you to blend and bottle your very own creation!

4. Dining on a Yacht

This is a perfect outing if you and your partner love being on the water.  This is truly a romantic experience that is both lavish in experience and romantic at the same time.  You will definitely score bonus points on this date. You can enhance the excitement of the event by arranging candles, an amazing seafood dinner, as well as champagne to make your excursion even more special.

5. Shopping Extravaganza

Does your partner love to shop?  Every woman loves to shop for new clothes and this date will surely impress and provide proof of your love by taking her to one of her favorite designer stores. Think “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts and your partner being waited on hand and foot.  Don’t forget to include visiting her favorite shoe store to ensure she’s got the best heels to go with that new outfit!

6. A Day Stay at the Paris

Paris is known as the most romantic city in the world. Imagine an adventure that begins with arranging a weekend getaway where all your partner knows is that you’re taking a weekend road trip.  Provide details on what types of clothing to pack and be sure your passports are up to date.  This is truly a one-of-a-kind adventure that will live with both of you forever.

7. Explore Snorkeling or Scuba Diving

For our beach lovers, this is easily one of the best ways to explore another world under the ocean.  Whether you choose to snorkel or scuba, being at the ocean is one of the most romantic outings a couple can have together.  Book a luxurious beach house for the weekend or find the perfect resort that offers all the beach amenities to make for a magical weekend together.

8. Rent the Entire Movie Theater

Now this is certainly a great way to surprise your partner!  Book an entire movie theater, and make arrangements with the theater staff to play her favorite movie. Be sure to get dressed up and have the seats around you decked out with balloons, flowers, popcorn, chocolates and your favorite adult beverages.

9. Skiing or Snowmobiling

Winter, snow and the mountains make for a perfect combination for a wonderful getaway that allows for different levels of ability and physical activity.  Both get your adrenaline pumping and nothing caps off a perfect day in the snow that apres-ski to snuggle in front of a fireplace and sip your favorite hot beverage.

10. 5 Star Culinary Experience

If you or your partner are not sport or travel enthusiasts, you can always choose a fine dining restaurant in your city or close by that you’ve always desired to visit.  Take time in selecting a luxurious location that will provide a unique dining experience.  An alternative is to hire a culinary chef to come to your home to make a dinner that wows both of you.

Bottom Line

Going the extra mile every now and again shows our partner how much they mean to us.  When we create BIG experiences every now and again they create huge deposits into our Love Bank Accounts.  These luxurious dates are the “icing” on the cake of taking your relationship to the next level by showering your partner with an experience that creates a memory that lasts a lifetime.