There are some simple things that you can do to immediately improve the bond with your spouse. A healthy, long-lasting, and cheerful union should be the foundation of every marriage. We all know about the staggering divorce rate and then are surprised when a couple believe were happy are then getting divorced.  The sad truth is that divorces take place every day.

No one enters marriage believing it’s going to end.  Some couples separate, others break up, and some live a disaster day in and day out. But everyone should try to improve their marriage and bring peace and happiness in their life. Here are some simple ways that will improve and strengthen your bond of marriage:

  1. A Simple Kiss

A good is nice, but a great kiss is one that’s done frequently and with enthusiasm. It’s been shown that a simple kiss is associated with increased relationship satisfaction. A kiss is particularly more passionate and rewarding for women in marriage. So, you must make sure to kiss partner with every hello, goodbye, and a few times more during the day and evening. Kissing is not only an intimate blessing, but it also enhances physical health and emotional wellbeing. So, pucker up and make your kisses count!

  1. Show Gratitude

It’s a known fact that married couples who show gratitude for the efforts of their partners are less likely to break up. So, do not forget to show gratitude to your partner and appreciate the little things as well as the big things they do for you.  Bring flowers or a small gift just because.  Hide a handwritten note that your partner will find without too much effort and watch your passion and bond grow.

  1. The Power of Touch

The power of touch has been shown to not only increase our physical wellbeing, but our emotional wellbeing too.  Martial satisfaction is more linked with the way you respond to the touch of your partner.  In our hectic paced lives, it’s easy to take our partner for granted and only provide the scrapes for them.  A playful touch combined with a simple kiss will increase your desire and affection for one another.

  1. Make Date Nights a Routine

According to relationship and marriage experts, a good marriage is associated with experiencing new experiences and activities together as often as possible.  Married couples who are engaged in new and fascinating activities, experience higher marital satisfaction than those who live with the ‘dinner and a movie’ routine.

  1. Communication

According to a study of 1,000 married couples in America, if you have 10 meaningful and amazing communication interactions with your partner, it will result in greater marital satisfaction. Your communication can include your kids, your first date, that first kiss, or other exciting things that bring happiness to both of you. Be sure to affirm your union by noting how your relationship has grown stronger and more vibrant.  Don’t be afraid to wade from the ‘shallow end to the deep end’ of the pool to really express yourself to one another.  Also consider a monthly check-in chat to inquire how each partner is doing and where you can show up for each other more fully in all areas of life.

  1. Plan Things with Eagerness and Love

As a married couple, you both look forward to different occasions and events. Take turns planning outings, getaways and vacations.  Allow surprise and adventure to play a part in your planning to encourage spontaneity and fun.  Remember that love provides both partners with the opportunity to show up as the best version of themselves and to have something exciting to look forward to experiencing together.

  1. Do Not Hold Grudges

This is probably one of the most important secret ingredients that make a marriage successful. You both should try to be honest and clear about everything. We all know that fighting can lead to holding on to grudges that can easily escalate a simple issue into a major argument. So, always tell your partner how you feel about an issue and be committed to finding resolution by way of honest, straightforward communication.

  1. Laugh Together

Both of you share many intimate things and share passionate moments. But intimacy and passion are also enhanced by finding times, when appropriate, for simple and silly laughter. Share silly jokes and watch comedy shows together. When both of you share laughter, it strengthens your love and bond with each other. Humor, at the right time, diffuses the tension and brings peace during stressful times. If you can both laugh together at tough times, you’ll make it through anything that comes your way. So, laugh together with each other more often.

  1. Charity and Paying it Forward

There are so many things that we can do together to help those less fortunate. We can volunteer to help educate a child who loves to study and we can donate money for a sick person to get healthcare. As a married couple, you know firsthand the challenges that life can throw at you. So, find ways to give back to your local community, whether at community centers, the local food pantry, or one of the many schools in your area.

  1. Grow Together

One of the hallmarks of any great relationship is the ability to grow individually and as a couple.  Find seminars, workshops and events that showcase opportunities for you both to expand your awareness of yourselves and of each other.  Take the time to cultivate your relationship in order for you to truly be the happiest couple you know!

Bottom Line 

These 10 activities are quite simple ways to help you connect, grow, and expand your bond together. Try including as many as you want in your life. These will make your marriage more successful, happier, and peaceful.


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