Due to our busy lives, we’re accustomed to booking lavish dinners and gifting expensive items only for a few special days during the year. Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Anniversaries are some of the days we celebrate our love. Then, we complain that there is not much romance in our relationship. Alas, a few days a year do not magically make a relationship dreamily romantic.

There are many ways to express appreciation in your relationship and keeping your love and passion alive throughout the year. There are multiple things you can do to strengthen your relationship and bond. Below are some of the tips shared by the experts for maintaining the year-round romance:

1. Appreciate Your Partner Every Day

It’s healthy to praise your partner by offering words of encouragement, appreciation, adoration, and affirmation. You both can also develop nonverbal cues for appreciating each other. Nonverbal cues range from a simple kiss to the romantic wink. You can also smile lovingly and simply say “thank you” for the little things your partner does for you.

2. Give Surprises to Your Partner

Every one of us appreciates small surprises. You can leave a love note for your partner on the fridge, in the shower, or bed. You can also leave sexy voicemails or perhaps send a sexy photo.  Consider sending flowers to them at work or simply a handwritten card expressing how much you adore them!  Bonus points for doing this when it’s not a birthday, Valentine’s Day or an anniversary!

There are many more things you can do to surprise your partner daily. Get creative!  Make them a delicious breakfast in bed, give a massage, or surprise your partner at work. Remember, it’s not how much you spend, but the thought that counts!

3. Make Time to Each Other

In this crazy busy world, it’s sometimes difficult to find sufficient “quality” time to be together. You both have to fight for it. At the initial stages of the relationship, both of you tend to experience great excitement and anxiousness. You felt connected and making time for each other was a top priority.

When the luster of a new relationship begins to fade, we all too often provide our partners with the scraps of time from our hectic days.  It becomes difficult to find the spontaneous time when you are working hard and meeting deadlines at work.  Spend quality moments together that add to each partners Love Bank Account that will ensure keeping your romance alive throughout the year.

4. Support Each Other

Dreams are the fires that live inside you. Be sure to communicate your dreams, discuss what inspires you, and talk about your aspirations both personally and professionally. Be sure to support each other emotionally and encourage each other to take the necessary steps to achieve your respective dreams.

5. Trading Places

Make the time for date nights!  Each partner should write down 6 activities on 6 small pieces of paper and don’t show the other what you’ve written down.  Then each month, alternate where one partner pulls one of the 12 dates our of a jar and then plans that date without the other partner knowing.  Simply tell them what day/time to be ready and what to wear!  Then go have FUN together!

6. Learning Together

There must be many things in life you both want to learn about. When you learn something new together, you will definitely feel more connected. Maybe you’ll see discover a side of your partner that you had never seen before. So, plan to undertake a new journey and enjoy yourselves together. Enjoy new educational classes or a cooking class together. Both ways, you will be rewarded abundantly.

7. Communicate

Take time each day to connect more than just superficially or talking about work, the kids, etc. To remain close to your partner, you need to maintain a deeper relationship connection. Connect with your partner by asking open ended questions that go beyond a simple yes or no answer.  Don’t be afraid to confront fears, hurts, pains and other challenges.  Be brave and vulnerable and watch your relationship soar.

8. Do Not Hold Grudges

It’s been said that couples should never go to be angry.  Holding grudges is the worst and only fester over time that will pull you apart from each other. Speak your truth and be honest.  Discuss upsets in order to find a path to forgiveness. It’s better to communicate than to poison yourself or your relationship by holding grudges.

9. Quality Time

There are many personal and professional activities that keep us busy during any given week.  The real challenge is when our hectic schedules keep us from spending true quality time with our partner. Get up 30 minutes earlier than usual and go take a walk or bike ride together. Grab a favorite beverage and watch the sunset together.  Find little ways to be spontaneous with each other to spark passion and romance.

10. Keep the Passion Alive

Intimacy between a couple is one of the most rewarding elements of a relationship.  Whether simply holding hands, sharing a tender kiss, or exploring and fulfilling each other’s sexual desires, making the time to keep the passion alive is a priority. If you feel unsatisfied in any way, take the time to openly discuss this with your partner to identify ways to nurture passion back into the relationship.

Bottom Line

Stop, Look, and Listen!  Make the time regardless of how busy your schedules are to incorporate one of the 10 activities above to freshen up your relationship and then watch romance blossom!