The feeling of being in love is awesome the entire year, but if you fall in love in fall season, you truly have got luck. If you have recently started dating someone in the autumn, it feels great to be in love. Fall is an excellent time to enjoy being loved because these months offer many date activities for couples.

There are so many things that you can do to make you feel loved during these last few months of the year. You will definitely want to recreate these date ideas during this time of year as well as other times too! Are you curious already? Try any of these amazing fall date ideas and fall in love with your partner once more:

1. Go for a Walk or Jump in Fallen Leaves

When fall arrives, leaves start falling down and Mother Nature creates a romantic atmosphere. The vibrant colors of fallen leaves create a colorful scenery mosaic outside that’s hard to beat. So, whether you simply go for a walk to enjoy them or you grab a trusty rake and make a pile of leaves on your own, this fall pleasure is meant to be shared with your partner.  Simply grab your partner, soak up some sunshine and walk hand in hand through the leaves or better yet, jump in a pile a feel like a kid again!

2. Camp Outside and Make Smores

The beauty of camping increases dramatically when fall arrives. If you love adventure, there is nothing more visually intoxicating than watching nature shine its many colors for you. Be sure to stock up on all your favorite camping foods, especially the marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers to make smores.  Whether for an overnight or for the weekend, camping this time of year with your partner is fun.

3. Pumpkin Patch

Who doesn’t love going to the pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect pumpkin?  This time of year reminds us that Halloween is right around the corner which means finding a great new costume and carving a pumpkin!  If you both love spooky adventures, go to a haunted house for a date that scares you into each other’s arms.

4. Weekend Getaway

As the summer departs and fall arrives, the chillier breezes come to save us from summer. Fall is the best time to step out of the house and enjoy the outdoor activities. Plan a weekend trip to a nearby historical place or town. You both will surely love exploring a new city that you’ve been meaning to explore together.

5. Fall Means Football

Cheering for your favorite collegiate or professional football team is always a great way to enjoy an afternoon or evening with your partner.  If you don’t have a professional team in your city, you can always support a local high school or college team in the area.  If you’re not able to attend in person, you can always take a TV outside and get chairs, blankets, your favorite foods and beverages and enjoy the game!

6. Apple Picking Date

Fall brings an abundance of wonderful fruit and the apple always ranks near the top of fruits enjoyed by everyone.  Find a local apple orchard where you and your partner can celebrate the arrival of apple season by picking apples. Orchards are a beautiful place to spend the day and then when you arrive home, you can enjoy making an apple pie together.

Find a great recipe and buy all the necessary ingredients beforehand. Be sure to buy readymade crust to save time in the kitchen.  What a wonderful surprise after a great day in the orchard together to bake a pie with apples you’ve just picked.  Bonus for making your place smell amazing too!

7. Day Road Trip to Enjoy the Fall Foliage

Get in the car, roll down the windows, and play your favorite tunes. Plan your trip in advance to take advantage of the scenic routes for you and your partner to see the best foliage.  Bring snacks and your favorite beverages for a pit stop along the way.  There is nothing more appreciative of fall than going on a drive while listening to awesome music together.

8. Enjoy Horseback Riding

A little added adventure in life makes it livable and loveable. If your partner is as adventurous as you are, plan horseback riding at a nearby stable. Whether you’re a beginning or advanced rider, this time of year makes for a perfect day enjoying the weather with your partner while getting off the beaten path to see the sights on the back of a horse.  Bonus points if you have a cowboy hat to wear!

9. Lush Field of Sunflowers

There is nothing more magical and enchanting than appreciating a golden yellow field of sunflowers in the autumn season. Arrange a table and chair in the middle of the field and take snacks and drinks with you. Enjoy the moments and the views as both of you sip wine (or your favorite beverage) while enjoying your snacks.

10. Visit the Local Farm’s Market

The beauty and colors of the farm produce at the local farmer’s market brings happiness to the soul. The markets are ideal for picking up fresh and organic fruits and vegetables where you can truly taste the difference.  Grab your partner and a recyclable bag and support your local farmer’s market for the greatest in fall bounty.

11. Enjoy Learning Pottery

Some artistic pursuits satisfy inner peace and satisfaction, and pottery is one of those arts. It’s very fascinating to touch the clay, and mold it into various shapes. This is a classic “doing date” where producing something with your hands can and will be one of the best artistic experiences you can enjoy together.

12. Fall or Renaissance Festival

As a child, when fall arrived, we all got festive and excited for the fall festivals. This time of year provides numerous festivals to check out and enjoy the various activities and foods that make festivals so awesome!  You will both surely cherish the memories made in sharing these experiences together.

Bottom Line

These fall ideas are basic, but they will definitely increase the bond with your partner. Remember the element of “surprise” when planning these activities to only provide your partner what day, time and clothes/shoes to wear when applicable.