It’s a no-brainer that many people, at some point this year, must have thought about socially-distanced dates. This is understandable given that dates are of essence to every bourgeoning relationship. If you just met someone with whom you are attracted, the best way to familiarize yourself with the person is through spending time together on dates.

But then, dates are also essential for spicing up a long-term relationship or marriage too. It helps to bring back the memories of when you met and what those butterflies felt like at the beginning.

If you need ideas on how to make your relationship a lot more exciting during this period, you have found the right post. Here are 5 great socially-distanced dates you and your partner can consider.

Have a dinner from afar

This sounds a bit far-fetched when distance separates you, but the first thing that comes to mind for a date is dinner. The world has changed, with the impossible suddenly becoming possible these days. You can create a “dinner” atmosphere in your home while your lover does the same thing.  You only need to ensure that that you have the same food and drinks. Also, get Zoom or Skype to see each other. Once all that is in place, you can eat away over a great conversation.

Drive-in music concerts or movies

There are still many places to visit albeit with restrictions at this time. What that means is that the cinema or musical concerts are a no-no for now. However, other options such as drive-in music concerts or movies can still suffice for time together.

Games night from afar

Game nights through Zoom or Skype presents an awesome way to reconnect with your lover and find out new things about them.

Start gazing

Star gazing is not old fashioned as many people assume these days.  Contrary to that, it’s a great date idea for anyone who is keen on growing intimacy with their partners. It’s also great for fantasizing together as a couple. It is hard to imagine if there could be a better date idea for dreamers. With just an hour of this experience, you will be amazed at the joy it will bring.

Get your art on

Get some old sheets, water-based paints, brushes, a few pieces of canvas and get your creative juices flowing!  It promises to be fun. You also can do it in a socially-distanced way across the room.  It affords you and your partner the opportunity to talk, create, and laugh at the same time.