With Covid-19 being outside of your home can feel unsafe to some people, yet we all want to have a fun, quality time with our loved ones. To have a blast, in a safe environment, try these at home dates, this way you can keep that flame alive in the comfort of your house.

  1. Create a 4-course meal together
  2. Finish an entire puzzle in one sitting as a challenge.  For more fun get a custom puzzle.
  3. Wine tasting
  4. Create a “drinking game” out of your favorite movie or show
  5. Have a paint night
  6. Bake some sweet treats
  7. Play or act out one another’s secret fantasies
  8. Play “Truth or Dare”, “Never Have I Ever”, or “Would You Rather”
  9. Create a scrapbook of your relationship
  10. Play Board Games
  11. Make some fancy cocktails or mocktails
  12.  Have a picnic in your backyard, living room or bedroom
  13. Order a Heart & Honey Couple Box
  14. Learn to Dance to your favorite song
  15. Make Tik Tok Videos
  16. Finish A Project in your house
  17. Make a bucket/adventure/travel list
  18. Turn your bedroom into a hotel
  • Light some candles to make your room smell fresh
  • Order a fancy dinner and eat it in bed
  • Pop some champagne and add the strawberries
  • Wear your most luxurious robe while and eat on a breakfast tray
  1. Bring the bookstore home with cozy pillows and your favorite reading material
  2. Play A Couples Trivia Game
  3. Download a Spicy Bedroom App and Get to “It”, try:

  1. Create a Graffiti Wall
  2. Do a Couple’s Yoga Session
  3. Have a massage therapist come and give you massages at home
  4. Star Gaze in an Inflatable Pool
  5. Host a Chocolate Bar Tasting for Dessert
  6. Have Drive-In Movie…in Your Driveway or backyard
  7. Have an escape room at home or solve a mystery
  8. Body painting
  9. Super sexy scavenger hunt
  10. Add some new adult toys to the mix with Love Honey
  11. Have strawberry and champagne with a twist: eat off of your partner’s body
  12. Camp indoors
  13. Give your partner a sensual massage
  14. Print out sexy photos and make a trail do your bedroom
  15. Try role playing
  16. Write your desires on sky lanterns and set them free in the night sky
  17. Turn your favorite game into a strip game
  18. Have a sexy slow dance together, bumping and grinding until you drive each other crazy
  19. Read some erotica
  20. Take an intimacy course together
  21. Play dress up and have a fancy night in
  22. Watch an online Burlesque show
  23. Pretend that you don’t know each other and meet all over again
  24. Have dinner with a remote-control adult toy
  25. Bondage anyone?
  26. Have a striptease night
  27. Have a backwards dinner
  28. Marathon a movie series and dress up as the characters
  29. Visit a museum virtuallyMuseum

Trying these ideas, you’re all set for a great at home date, for more juicy details including Spotify playlists for your date night in get The Surprise Date Challenge: Home Edition.