Martin started a tradition 27 months ago where we celebrate the 14th day of the month, which is the day we first met.  We call it our anniversary but my smarty pants son reminds me that “Anniversary” means annual and he is technically correct.

So last month, July 14th I planned a surprise for us that involved a pool, massage and cocktails.  I purchased 2 Groupons for 50-minute spa treatments at the historic Royal Palms Resort and Spa in our hometown Phoenix.  I told him to book the time in his calendar from 10AM till midnight and I would give him enough details at a later date.  Thursday evening I told him he would need his swim trunks, hoodie, winter gloves and a hat.  Did my attempt to throw him off work?  Before we left he asked if he really needed winter clothes since it was over 100 degrees in Phoenix?  I let him know that dressing nice and taking his swim trunks and dopp kit would be sufficient.  He seemed relieved.

As we departed the house at 10:45AM about 30 minutes later than I had planned, he expressed his hunger to me.  I assured him that we would be at our destination shortly where he would receive fabulous food and drink.

He seemed surprised as we pulled into the elegant palm lined drive of the resort still not sure what the plan was until the valet asked where we were headed.  As we made our way to check-in at the spa, I revealed my plan for lunch at T. Cook’s before heading to the pool.  Pool time to be followed by a couples massage and then of course more pool time.

Our light lunch was wonderful as we shared a Reuben sandwich with greens and an amazing red and white sangria.

We headed back to the Alvadora Spa locker room to change into our suits and met at the pool.  The woman’s area is small but luxurious.  It has an outside sitting area with 2 chairs and a Jacuzzi.  It was too hot for that today but January would be amazing.  The lockers had a soft fluffy robe and plenty of room for my things.  The door had a mirror in it with an enclosed area that was great to store my jewelry.  We met at the pool where Brent our pool attendant was very attentive.  Whenever the sun moved he was right there adjusting our umbrellas.   The hotel is currently undergoing construction so we were only sharing the pool with a handful of people.

We arrived at the hotel at 11:00 AM and left around 5:00 PM right before a thunderstorm rolled in.  We decided we should do spa days at resorts quarterly.

The breakdown of our adventure:

Couples Massage Groupon for 2 $198

20% automatic gratuity $30/pp = $60

Lunch at T.Cooks$25

Drinks at the Pool $23

Tips for Valet and Brent $10

Total $316 or just $158 a person

We both agreed this was such a great way to kick off our weekend.  It was so wonderful just to slow down and relax.  It was also a great way for us to connect and fuel our relationship to be the best it can be.   The Royal Palms Resort is one of the most romantic hotels I’ve ever experienced.  It has such charm at every turn.  They provide it all, amazing food, cocktails and ambiance in a great central Phoenix location.  We’re already planning our next quarterly spa retreat.  This is a great thing to do with your friends as well.  You deserve it!