The Surprise Date Challenge was created

to invoke creativity and inspiration

in love and relationships by turning

the commonplace into extraordinary.

We know you’re too tired and too busy to plan

your own dates so it just doesn’t happen.

We help you keep your date nights on schedule.

Our mission is to assist couples to develop the best version of their relationships through connection, love and passion.  We want you to be The Happiest Couple You know .


No one plans dates better than us.  We give you hope and you can depend on us!

We’re on a mission to bring back monthly date nights for all couples.

You know you need regular date nights you just hate planning them. That’s our specialty.

Let us plan your next date.

Dana and Martin

Martin Kupper

Chief Visionary Officer

I am a connector of relationships that ignite passion, purpose and possibility!

Dana Lam Kupper

Chief Entertainment Officer

I am passionate about inspiring you to live a life you love and to master your destiny!

Lyle Rex

Fun Director

As the Director of Fun, I am committed to assisting you in making all of your dreams come true.