There are always ebbs and flows in relationships and for us we never lingered too long in the mundane but that all changed at the end of the year.  Our oldest was at college and our youngest split his time every other week at his dads. However, right before Christmas our son returned from college for winter break and his girlfriend from Brazil joined him.  We had a house full of people for about 6 weeks with little privacy. 

We also did not plan any surprise dates for each other.  We were busy with family, friends and preparing for the holidays.  How could this happen?  We’re date planners, this is what we do.  Well it even happened to us and last week as we fell into bed exhausted Marty said “I think we’re in a rut.”  I sighed and knew he was right.  We were beginning to feel more like roommates and business partners than lovers.  So did our family cause this?  Of course not, we take full responsibility for allowing our relationship to fall on the back burner.  We’re human and we made the mistake of giving our relationship scraps instead of our full attention.

The good news is we are aware and know how to remedy the situation.  We need to have more fun ALONE  together.  We have two Surprise Dates or FFR’s as we like to call them planned in the coming weeks.  One is even a weekend getaway. 

We couldn’t just sit around and wait for the dates to happen, we knew we needed to do something immediately.  We both jumped into action and started sending each other saucy text messages and cute quotes about relationships.  It was important to text each other sexy selfies too.

We also invited each other in clever ways for private rendezvous in our bedroom since it was the only place we could be alone in the house.   We turned the music up and made out like teenagers.

The point being that when life takes a toll it’s easy to put your relationship on the back burner, especially when you’re mentally and physically exhausted.  Know it’s just as easy to get out of your relationship rut if you take action quickly.