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The Firestarter Date


My friend Karri planned an epic date for her boyfriend and I asked her if she would share the details with all you for inspiration.  We hope it will get your creative juices flowing and [...]

The Firestarter Date2019-05-14T19:04:06-07:00

Couple Care for Your Relationship


There are a variety of challenges that many couples face, as we are constantly bombarded by both individuals and couples “living their best life” on social media. Be it celebrities, influencers or accounts that are [...]

Couple Care for Your Relationship2019-04-14T10:34:21-07:00

Interaction is the Key to an Exciting Dating Adventure


By Christie Walker Dinner and a movie are often the go-to date combination for couples who have been together for a while. But there’s not much interaction going on in a darkened theater and dinner [...]

Interaction is the Key to an Exciting Dating Adventure2019-03-12T08:22:40-07:00

4 Steps to Resolving Relationship Conflict


Have you ever daydreamed about having a “magic wand” that you could just wave about and have people do exactly what you want? I’m guessing that like most of us, having access to such a [...]

4 Steps to Resolving Relationship Conflict2019-02-24T14:29:26-07:00

Are we Having Fun?


There are always ebbs and flows in relationships and for us we never lingered too long in the mundane but that all changed at the end of the year.  Our oldest was at college and [...]

Are we Having Fun?2019-01-30T08:07:54-07:00

3 Tips To Nip The Rut in the Butt


Cliché’s by definition are highly overused phrases and in the world of relationships, being “stuck in a rut” stands out as a cliché with a tinge of truism that most couples can relate in one [...]

3 Tips To Nip The Rut in the Butt2018-12-22T10:57:29-07:00

Don’t Be a Statistic of Divorce Monday


We recently learned that more people file for divorce or seek legal counsel about Divorce in January that any other time of the year.  In fact, the first Monday in January is called “Divorce Monday”. [...]

Don’t Be a Statistic of Divorce Monday2018-12-02T16:59:19-07:00

Fun December Date Ideas


When the weather outside is chilly you may be wondering what you can do to keep the spark and passion alive? We took a look at the calendar and found some interesting “lesser known” [...]

Fun December Date Ideas2018-11-30T14:34:55-07:00

Want more romance? Have a baby…said no one ever!


We find it interesting that romance and passion seem to lead to the creation of small humans, but in turn, the small humans do not lead us back to romance and passion.  More than likely [...]

Want more romance? Have a baby…said no one ever!2018-10-21T15:34:25-07:00
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