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Love Affair vs. Relationship


Nothing quite compares to the intoxicating feelings and emotions that come with a new love affair.  Whether you’re presently exploring a new relationship or have been in more than your fair share, we’d love to [...]

Love Affair vs. Relationship2018-10-05T15:39:26-07:00

5 Reasons Why YOU Should Date Your Spouse Today!


Date nights are essential no matter how long you’ve been together.  Many couples we meet and talk to realize they are neglecting their relationships.  They want to do something about it, but don't always know [...]

5 Reasons Why YOU Should Date Your Spouse Today!2019-07-08T11:30:51-07:00

The Slippery Slope of Opposite-Sex Friends


As Dana accurately points out in in her blog, Are Opposite-Sex Friends Okay, I am the one that had the “secret friend” that almost ended our relationship. One of the most eye-opening and jaw-dropping epiphanies [...]

The Slippery Slope of Opposite-Sex Friends2019-03-12T13:22:28-07:00

Are Opposite-Sex Friends Okay?


Have you ever wondered if friends of the opposite sex are OK?  They are as long as you set boundaries.   We ourselves have had this issue come up within our relationship and had to [...]

Are Opposite-Sex Friends Okay?2018-09-02T14:08:35-07:00

The 90-Day FFR Challenge


Do you already have a great relationship “and” want to find ways to make it even better? For those of you who don’t know, FFR is the verb of Fun Fantasy Ritual. It’s the “action” [...]

The 90-Day FFR Challenge2018-08-25T17:00:50-07:00

First Ever FFR Weekend Getaway


Fun Fantasy Rituals or “FFR’s” as we like to call them are the actual dates we plan for each other monthly.  Up until this past weekend, they had always been planned as a single day [...]

First Ever FFR Weekend Getaway2018-08-11T20:52:40-07:00

A Male Perspective, Part 1


As a man, one of the most challenging hurdles I’ve encountered is in being “vulnerable” in my love relationships.  Yes I’ve had my moments of vulnerability, but my relationship with Dana has proven time and [...]

A Male Perspective, Part 12018-08-10T09:32:22-07:00

Breaking Up is Not an Option


People frequently comment on what a great relationship Marty and I have.  While I do have to say this is the best relationship I have ever been in, there have also been challenges along the [...]

Breaking Up is Not an Option2018-05-28T09:20:35-07:00

Summer Getaway to the Verde Valley Arizona


Getting away for a few days to unwind and connect with your partner is always a good idea.  I grew up in the Cottonwood, Arizona and it was not as exciting in the 80’s as [...]

Summer Getaway to the Verde Valley Arizona2018-05-27T13:57:58-07:00

Couples FFR at Pinspiration


As most of you know, Fun Fantasy Ritual is our company and “FFR” is the acronym of how we refer to an event or activity that we’ve committed to surprise the other with at least [...]

Couples FFR at Pinspiration2018-05-23T07:10:06-07:00