by Guilia Villa Alves

Recently I asked a friend of mine to be my guinea pig on a new fun way to have a dining experience. And let me tell you the dinner was a blast!

You may ask yourself, how a progressive dinner work?  Well, it’s actually quite simple. It’s everything you’d normally do in a meal except you do it in reverse. My friends went with a theme approach as “dress as the opposite sex.”  She dressed like him and vice versa, but you can also wear your clothes the “wrong side” or inside out for extra laughs.

To start, have your dessert ready as it is going to be your first course.  As odd as it may be to have dessert first, give the sweets before the salty a try to change things up!  Eating the treat before the main dish won’t spoil your appetite as you will still be hungry and thrilled by this new experience.

Next move to the main course, you can attempt eating with your non-dominant hand and see who is the best at it. For the final course have your appetizer to complete the backwards dinner.

My friend told me that she and her boyfriend had a blast at this dinner and that they’ll probably try again once more, especially the switched clothing which was her favorite part.

The best part of this dinner is that it lasts longer, since we sometimes skip dessert, so you’ll have more time to enjoy the company of your significant other. As it is a quirky and funny experience, it’s guaranteed to be a fun new experience that you’ll both enjoy. Be sure to take plenty of photo’s whether you do this dinner at home or a restaurant.

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