When the long days of summer blaze over our heads, we look forward to the refreshing coolness that fall brings our way. And when winter finally arrives, we start dreaming of the days of summer to show back up!

We humans are quite finicky when it comes to seasons and although winter can be rather harsh depending on where you live, there is much to appreciate about this holiday time of year. Though days get shorter and weather becomes unforgiving, you can endeavor to do great many things with your partner during these chillier months.

If you are browsing the Internet to find fun activities that won’t break the bank, we are here to help you. So, tackle the hassle of planning with these adventures and enjoy the company of your partner during the winter months:

1. Making a Snowman

Even if your located in a warmer climate, you can always travel to find snow for this childhood favorite!  Making a snowman brings warm memories for most of us who grew up with abundant snow fall during winter.  Build a snowman together and then warm up afterwards on the couch with a hot chocolate or your favorite warm adult beverage.

2. Sled Date

If you enjoy frolicking in the snow, this is a great tag along date with making a snowman!  Winter is a great time to satisfy our inner child and nothing screams “being a kid” like finding a great hill with fresh snow to climb your way up and then sled your way down!

3. Live Theatre

Sometimes we all need to dress up to make ourselves feel better. During winter, most of us wear comfy warm clothes to break the monotony of the shorter days. Best of all, going to see live theatre increases your cultural repertoire. It’s also a great place to share ideas with your partner and discuss social issues intelligently together.

4. Playing Board Games

Winter means spending endless days in our PJ’s while trying not to go stir crazy at home!  Break out old time favorites like Monopoly, Scrabble, Life, or standbys like backgammon, checkers or chess.  Want to go real old school, make some Kool-Ade and serve with chips and french onion dip to serve while brushing off the dust on the board games!

5.  Rock Climbing

Looking for a great indoor way to get your heart pumping from both adrenaline and working out?  Go and take a rock-climbing lesson.  This is a great way for you and your partner to build trust and increase communication and teamwork as you navigate your way up the rock wall.

6. Holiday Lights

When the holidays arrive, there is nothing more romantic than finding a local street that’s been made remarkably festive with holiday lights.  Bundle up and take in the visual delight by walking hand in hand with your partner.  You may also look online to identify drive-thru holiday light shows where you can ride through in the warm comfort of your car.

7. Build a Hideout at Home

The general opinion may assert that a fort is only a hideout place for kids. It’s not true and on the contrary you can with little energy and effort, rearrange a few pieces of furniture and with sheets and blankets create your very own grown-up fort!  Use cushions from the couch and pillows for the inside of your cozy hideout and don’t forget the wine or your favorite snacks and beverages to enjoy on the inside.

8. A Home-Spa Date

You don’t have to leave the house to enjoy a wonderful spa experience. Surprise your partner with a spa treatment at home by giving each other warm oil body massages. Use your imagination and create a luxurious setting with candles and soft music.  Be sure to find aromatic fragrances to incorporate aromatherapy into your spa experience.

9. Cooking Class

What better way to enjoy a winter afternoon or evening by participating in a virtual cooking class together?  Cooking together and learning new recipes is not only fun, but provides a wonderful experience for you to share together.

10. Road Trip (Real or Virtual)

If you find yourselves getting a bit antsy and cooped up, why not book a trip to someplace fun, warm and exotic?  Best of all, if you can’t actually head out of town, you can always plan your dream getaway online!  Travel is one of the most romantic experiences a couple can enjoy together. Relish each other’s company and savor the time together whether real or virtual.

Bottom Line

These are a few perfect winter date activities that will definitely strengthen the bond with your partner. So, pick a few and enjoy the winter months with your partner to the best.