As most of you know, Fun Fantasy Ritual is our company and “FFR” is the acronym of how we refer to an event or activity that we’ve committed to surprise the other with at least once per month.  

Our first couple’s FFR event was a multifaceted extravaganza to get your “creative on” held at Pinspiration at High Street Shops in North Phoenix.  As you know, the fundamental principle behind Fun Fantasy Ritual is to bring even more Mystery, Adventure and Surprise into your relationship. 

I’ll share a little secret with you.  I like to think of myself as a nice balance between left and right brain.  However, where the time comes to “be creative” in the moment, my left-brain tends to analytically check in and promptly advise me otherwise!  As a man, I sometimes let my ego get the best of me when I expect to be good at just about everything.  I see where it’s promptly stopped me in the past from pushing through certain fears, especially those around being creative.  Sound familiar to anyone??? 

That being said, once I let go of those pesky thoughts of “that looks mighty awful” I can usually summon up enough courage to dive in, give it my best shot, and have fun.  More times than not, I’m actually pretty impressed (if I say so myself) of my somewhat artistic touch. 

Case in point, in the photo below, you’ll see two (2) Tree of Life acrylic paintings on plexiglass that Dana and I created at the Miraval Resort in Tucson, and two (2) glass flowers we forged at a Dana inspired FFR at Circle 6 Studios in Phoenix.  Extra credit for letting us know which painting and flower belongs to Dana and which to Marty!

Likewise, our events are designed to bring left and right brain activities together in a casual setting that allows couples to mix and mingle with other couples while sharing an activity together.

Dana and I kicked off the event at Pinspiration by welcoming the six couples while they were being served their glass of wine that was included in the event.  We provided a brief history about FFR and how the evening would flow.   

We then introduced Wendy Moyer, LMFT who engaged the couples in a Love Connection activity that had each couple share with their partner a special memory along with the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and/or touch sensations they experienced.  The goal was to remember the sensory feelings and emotions that each partner experienced and then sharing with the other.  It was a perfect exercise to remember how the “little things” we do for each other can add significant deposits in our Love Bank Account. 

Brooke Roe, owner of Pinspiration followed Wendy and provided the DIY instructions for each couple working together and painting/decorating a wine box to be utilized for the Love Notes that each couple received for attending the event.  Love Notes are the perfect way to express your gratitude, appreciation and love to your partner.  The couples got busy getting creative and as you can see, the DIY portion of the evening was a big hit!

Amanda Thompson and David De Jesus from Delightfully Vixen, A Lingerie Speakeasy wrapped up the event by holding a raffle for a risky and bit naughty game for couples to play behind closed doors! 

The real satisfaction of the evening occurred as couples began to depart after completing a survey of the evening’s speakers and activity.  We were overwhelmed with positive remarks and how genuinely excited everyone was in participating.   

What inspires us most is in witnessing firsthand and in learning about how couples are planning their own FFR’s that are keeping the mystery, surprise and adventure alive in their relationships.