Special Pricing During Date Nights at K1 Speed!

Right now you have even more reason to take your date to K1 Speed! Every Thursday in November (except Thanksgiving), we’re offering a special Date Night package!

On November 5, 12, and 19 you can get 2 Races, 2 annual memberships, and 2 non-alcoholic beverages for only $49. This means you and your date can enjoy a race each, a membership that’s good for a year, AND two refreshing drinks for pretty much the same cost as the two races alone. It’s a steal! Of course, you might want to add a couple more races when you’re done, per our earlier recommendation.

So get out of the house and treat your date to a nice time at K1 Speed by following our advice below, and taking advantage of this special offer!

How to Plan a Go Kart Date Night at K1 Speed!

These days, traditional date nights only go so far at creating magical evenings before they begin to become old-hat. Bring your dates into the 21st century with something he or she will always remember. In other words, spend your date night go-karting at K1 Speed!

There’s plenty of reasons why you should choose go-karting as your date idea (fun competition, something different, promotes conversation, etc.) but you already know that that’s why you’re here. So instead, we’re telling you HOW to plan the perfect go-kart date with your partner.


Make Sure it’s at K1 Speed

Goes without saying, really, but not all go-kart centers are the same. Don’t make the mistake of going to that small mom and pop down the street with dirty gas karts that’ll leave you both reeking of exhaust fumes and a run-down track with nothing but old tires serving as a barrier. Come to K1 Speed where our all-electric go-karts will keep the air – and yourselves – smelling clean, our track will keep you safe with state-of-the-art Protex barriers, and our modern facility will make you want to stay and enjoy the rest of the date, rather than flee, when the checkered flag flies.

Do at Least Two Races

While coming in and doing a single race may be more of your thing when you race with us, try looking at a two or three-race package when you come with a date.

First, your date may never have done go-kart racing before, so give them a race just so they can used to the go-kart and the track, and use the time in between you race to offer some friendly advice and look like a pro. Both new at go-karting? Compare notes and work as a team to get faster. For that second race, it’ll be ON between you two!

Our Speedpass is a great package for date nights. It includes two races, our annual membership, and a free shirt to take home as a memento (more on that a little later)! Plus, the price of two Speedpasses will still be cheaper than a boring dinner at Fancy Pants Bar & Grill.


Have the Losing Partner Buy Dinner or a Drink

Before starting your second race, raise the stakes for some friendly competition! Have whoever finishes second buy the drink or dinner after the date. Feeling generous? You can always lose the race… just use a racing driver excuse and take the sacrifice for the team – I’m sure your date won’t mind it. You’ll love hearing them laugh when they make fun of you for the rest of the night.

You won’t have to leave K1 Speed to redeem that dinner either, especially if you’re at a location with our sophisticated Paddock Lounge restaurant. Our Paddock Lounge serves up a variety of delicious food, from pizza and wings to pulled pork sliders and tacos – there’s something for every taste. And the Paddock Lounge serves up some amazing drinks, whether it’s a beer/glass of wine, or just a soda/coffee.


Give Losing Partner Second Chance at Another Race or Game

This is where a three-race package can come in handy. Leave that third race for a chance at redemption for whoever lost the second race. Or, try your hand at one of our arcade games or pool/air-hockey tables to completely change up the challenge. If you’ve just sacrificed yourself for your date so you can buy them dinner, make this one for something you want. If you’re in a relationship with your date, make it something sweet and romantic. If you and your date are in the early stages, making it a dessert (we sell cookies, too!) or a future race.

Bring Home a Memento

Well, the racing is over, you’ve treated your date to awesome dinner, chatted nonstop with all the adrenaline pumping in your system, and are ready to wrap up your awesome date that your date’s friends will be jealous of. Why not leave with something that’ll always remind you both of the amazing time you just spent together?

As mentioned before, if you both got a Speedpass, you’ll each leave with a t-shirt that’ll make you smile every time you wear it – memento done. Love hats? We’ve got a nice selection of trendy-looking hats. Or pick up a trophy/medal and make up a title for it, like “Hottest Date Ever Award” or something equally cheesy, yet sweet.


And there you have it! Go-Kart Dating 101, courtesy of your Cupid writer here at K1 Speed. Follow this guide, and you’ll end up with one heck of a date that he or she will rave about, getting you in the pocket of your date, and their friends.

*Annual membership is required to race. Annual membership is $7 at most locations.