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Fun starts the minute you walk into this unique, whimsical and inviting mansion. The evening dinner shows have an opening cocktail mixer in our Victorian parlor rooms. Doors to the mansion are unlocked 30-minutes before this official start time. There is a free scavenger hunt, the cash bar is open and you’ll meet some “suspicious” characters (the actors).

Then, off to the dining room to your assigned table. Our tables hold up to 10 guests, so you might be seated with folks you don’t know, but they will be your team members to help solve the crime! Announcements are made and then you’re taken through the serve-yourself, one entrée buffet. Be sure and ask our office if you have special dietary needs. The characters will continue mingling with you, dropping relationships and clues, throughout the dinner time.

When dinner is completed, there is an opening scene – ending in a comical crime! Then, you’re up looking for clues around the tables, grabbing another drink from the bar and taking advantage of this intermission time. Once you’re called back to the main room, the detective enters, and off we go! Some audience members are asked to stand and read a clue for the whole group. Keep in mind, you can participate as much, or as little, as you like! Everyone listens to the clues, and the testimony of the suspicious characters, and then each table becomes a team, with a team captain and you vote on who you think did it and why. Shows are hilarious fun and rated between PG and PG13, and run 2 ½ – 3 hours in length.

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2406 Federal Boulevard, Denver, Colorado 80211