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Did you know that the sense of smell is the most sophisticated of the five senses, and the sense most closely tied to memory? From your favorite spa scent, to creating a scent from a beloved place or time in your history; with over 100 fragrances to choose from, the possibilities are endless and invented by YOU!

1: To get started, just get smelling! There are a TON of scents to choose from; so smell away, and put down all your faves.

2: Up next, welcome our Scent Stylists. We’ll help you narrow down your list to just a few scents that blend perfectly together.

3: Select your container. From tumblers to mason jars, we have a wide variety of cute containers to fit any style or decor.

4: You’ll design your label and mix your oils at our Fragrance Bar to invent your unique custom fragrance creation.

Pricing is dependent on the size and style of jar that you pour into starting at $23.00 with several options under $25. Candles are not the only item you can customize. We also offer a wide variety of high quality home products just waiting for your custom scent inventions.

From the first sniff to the finish line, our process takes about 30 minutes.

Candles then take 120-150 minutes to cool (depending on size) before they are ready to take home. This is a great time to visit one of our neighbors for a bite to eat, a drink, or to do a little walking around the neighborhood for some shopping.

You are welcome to return to the store to pick up your candle, or one of our crew can deliver your completed inventions to you and your group at the restaurant!!!

With a group of five or less, come on in and begin your fragrance creation; no reservation required! To make a reservation for groups of five or more, please visit our Plan a Party page for more information!

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15323 N. Scottsdale Rd., Ste 140, Scottsdale, Arizona 85254