There are lots of ways to do a scavenger hunt for your honey.  What we love about them is that you can put one together easily last minute.

Sample Scavenger Hunt

  • Clue # 1 – You are excellent at selecting this delicious beverage. (2nd Clue is hidden in the wine fridge)
  • Clue #2 – Thinking about you really lights me up. (3rd Clue is hidden in the chandelier)
  • Clue #3 – I feel extra sexy when I’m wearing this. (4th Clue is hidden in the lingerie drawer)
  • Clue #4 – You look sexy when you’re dancing. (5th Clue is hidden behind a photo of us dancing)
  • Clue #5 – Wow, our first kiss in my garage. (Behind a photo of our first meeting that’s on our bed)

The last clue I left a card and hand written appreciation note with a gift card to a favorite restaurant.

Tips to Simplify

You really want to create it backwards. What is the reward and where do you want to end your scavenger hunt? Are you the reward? Does it end in the bedroom or at a restaurant?

Once you have the end in mind you are ready to start writing your clues. Remember not to make them too hard as that can be frustrating. This can be a free FFR or an extravagant one.

You may be wondering how to come up with clues.

  • Take a few minutes and think about some of the highlights of your relationship
  • Think about meaningful items or locations that are relevant to some of your favorite relationship memories
  • Then tie the highlights, location and items together to create your clues

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Another twist:

Have clues lead your partner to meet you at a restaurant where you are waiting for them for a date night out. The clues could be around the house with notes on what they should wear. You could have them stop to pick up flowers on the way. Maybe even pre-order an Uber to pick them up and drive them to the secret location.

Overnight Scavenger Hunt

You could have clues lead your partner to a hotel, where you are already checked in. When they go to the front desk they may have to solve a riddle to be given their next clue.   Have the room lit up with candles and you could be wearing a robe or sexy lingerie when they join you. If you arrive at the hotel together you can create a scavenger hunt in the hotel and enlist some of the staff to help you.

The possibilities are endless… This Surprise Date Challenge Scavenger Hunt could be utilized several times in different ways and never get boring!

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