Organizations with higher employee engagement are likely to be 78% more profitable.

74% of Americans prefer experiences over items and our employee engagement program provides them with experiences they share with their loved ones (significant other, family, and friends) each and every month. When you provide this benefit (for less than the cost of a handcrafted coffee beverage) for your employees, you benefit as much as they do.

How does the program work? 

Inform your employees of this new benefit and provide the link to enroll.

The employee chooses either a friend and family experience or a couple experience. 

Employees receive their cool experience ideas monthly via email. Click links below to view samples.

Employees confirm plans, show up, and have a great time!

When people feel their employer supports their wellbeing, they are:

So what are the top drivers of employee engagement?

Working a reasonable number of hours.

Having a manageable amount of stress.

Healthy organizational support.

The experiential ideas and detailed plans you offer your employees through our Employee Engagement Program make it simple for them to plan (and enjoy) their free time with their loved ones, creating a more comfortable climate of ease so when they return to work, they have the mental clarity and capacity to deliver. The program can be customized for your organization or location so your associates can benefit no matter where they live and work.

Now, more than ever, a happy home life means happiness at work.

Our monthly experiences for business are comparable to our monthly Surprise Date Challenge Date-Of-The-Month in that they engage employees in their personal lives by providing opportunities for fun and increased connection without having to bear the burden of thinking of something new and planning all the details. This means they spend their free time enjoying their time, instead of planning it. They benefit and you benefit. It’s a win-win for both employees and employers.

My husband Kyle and I have been customers and fans of the Surprise Date Challenge for over a year, and we love it!  The monthly dates, as well as the ideas on their website are creative, affordable and there is always some activity or somewhere new to experience.  But most importantly, being involved has resulted in our being more creative and spontaneous with anything that we do which is just so much fun, and puts a little extra spark in our dates.  A wonderful program!

Lisa Farrar

FFR Global provides fun interactive activities for employees that dramatically increase happiness, engagement and productivity thereby increasing the bottom line for employers.  Employees really enjoy the fun creative experiences they receive each month and, since we offer this as a voluntary component of our SureUp™️ Total Wellness platform, there is no cost to the employer.  This is truly a “win-win” employee benefit!

Brian Phillips, Managing Partner

If you are looking for something fun and exciting to do with your loved one, friends or family, try this out! I thought dating my husband meant going to the movies…I love the movies, don’t get me wrong, but this takes fun experiences to another level! We both really enjoyed it, and look forward to the next month’s date! Highly recommend! ?

Tera Barnes

They are a great resource for really cool things to do that I never would have thought of or found on my own.  It really takes a lot of the hassle and work out of planning great experiences.

Dr. Benjamin Benulis

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