by:  Kathy Levine

I have been advocating “experiences” in people’s lives every chance I get.  There are so many companies advertising things that you can experience in as little as 1 hour to an entire weekend, sometimes these companies are not easy to find.  I came across this one company that focuses on a date night and new experience with your date to keep the mystery alive.   I loved the concept and wanted my business to be part of it.  Surprise Date Challenge, a Phoenix-based business that encourages and assists couples with getting out of relationship ruts with creative dating ideas and concierge services.  So now I have partnered with their program.

My company, Making The Cheese, is open to anyone looking for a unique “experience” at a hands on cheese making class in as little as 2 hours.  We hosts our classes in local bars and restaurants and the atmosphere is fun and relaxing.  Having a glass of wine or beer while learning how to make cheese, what more can you want?  What I have noticed after hosting many classes for the past two years is that my students love instant gratification.  So I have designed many of my classes where we make cheese that is ready to eat the same night.  I also teach classes where you take your cheese home to age, those are for the more patient students. Instead of just going out for a glass of wine, dinner or movie,  go out with friends, family, make it a date night or make it an “experience” of your own and experience our hands on cheese making classes.

Who wouldn’t want to learn how cheese is made, experience the actual stories told by grandparents on how they savored food and made cheese?   Yes times have changes and ingredients have changed, but to have the knowledge to be able to self-sustain if you ever needed, what a fantastic “experience”.

I keep wondering why I have not seen any trade shows, markets, weekend events that focus on businesses & venues that offer these “experiences” to people.  I know myself, I would love to attend an event where I can just talk to all these companies and find out all the fun things I can do in the Arizona Area. There are so many “experiences”  from hiking, sky diving, cooking, adventures, ax throwing, science projects, crafts, special entertainment, outdoors and many more, and of course cheese making!  I wonder, where can I find my next new “experience”?