1. Head to a Farm or a Pumpkin Patch – Sometimes it’s fun to be a kid again. A pumpkin patch is a great place for photos. The bright orange pumpkins and a blue sky in the background are primo.
  2. Get In The Car and Go – So it’s Saturday morning and you could just stay home and do your usual thing… Better yet, you could get in the car and drive to a nearby city and be a tourist for the day.
  3. Make S’mores in the back yard – When the weather cools down make a fire in the backyard. You can snuggle up and keep each other warm.
  4. Go Hiking or Take a Bike Ride – When the weather is nice go out and get the blood flowing.
  5. Have a Picnic – Locate a remote setting in a park or possibly near water to enjoy some savory treats. Don’t forget the champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries.
  6. Head to a Farmers Market – Take a stroll in a local market and maybe even pick up lunch for the picnic.
  7. Horseback Riding – Experiencing the colorful fall leaves while on horseback can be invigorating.
  8. Hot Air Ballooning – Fall is a great time to take in the sights from the sky. Did we mention its super romantic?
  9. Take a Scenic Motorcycle Ride – Need we say more?
  10. Take a Train Ride Somewhere – The train is a great way to experience the fall landscape and a great place to connect without distractions.
  11. Create an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt – See details in a future blog J