Through the practice of meditation we can achieve many benefits and accomplishments. Meditation helps to reduce stress and lower your blood pressure, it calms the anxious mind; it is a way of bringing your mind and body to the present moment and into contemplative bliss.


With this practice we are brought to think about genuine happiness. And what is this? Well, genuine happiness is something beyond our conditioned happiness, that depends on something material or maybe on your partner’s behavior, it’s a state of human flourishing. And while in this state we became more empathic and loving people.


What are the benefits of meditation to your relationship?


  • It brings couples together


Sitting in a meditative state is a great way to bond with your partner, this way you can feel their presence and body and exchange energy and love. You can also try meditating at night time so you can fall asleep together. If you’re in a frisky mood, tantric meditation can be a perfect way of getting even closer to your loved one.


  • Allows you time to make an inner reflection


Even though we try hard to be the best version of ourselves, we have many personal and professional distractions that can get in the way. The practice of meditation gives you time to look inside, to improve constantly, allowing personal and inner growth. This provides a way you can continually work on being a better person with yourself and as a consequence to that, a better being to your partner and your community.


  • Reconnecting with your loved one


Love is a work in progress and sometimes we encounter obstacles and difficulties that seem impossible to overcome, but none of them are. Reconnecting is important when the first flame of love seems hard to be lit, but she always can and through meditation that can be made easier.


The meditation practice brings us to think about what really matters, what is beyond the daily problems and disagreements, this something is love and happiness, the very things that bring us and keep us together.