Relationships can be sweet, especially from the outset. The fire of love is usually aglow and the embers of romance can often create butterflies in the tummy. However, keeping this light blazing for a long time can be a challenge for many people. It’s common to hear couples, who have been dating for long say, “I think my romantic life is getting boring.” The time they spend with each other suddenly becomes limited, and for genuine reasons people believe. There are errands to run, schedules to maintain, late nights at work, and many other unavoidable day-to-day activities. If you are currently in this kind of situation, you really can rekindle the fading light of romance in your relationship. This post on how to keep romance alive in a long-term relationship can help!

Suspend your phone for a few hours

Yes, this is challenging especially if you’re addicted to social media (who isn’t?). You love to catch up on what friends, family, and seeing trending issues, right? Not a bad thing, really. But, for the sake of your relationship, you need to put your phone down whenever you are spending time together.

Get creative with your “us” time

Let’s be honest. You are already used to your partner. And too much familiarity can sometimes breed boredom. When romance seems to be going downhill, you need to break the routine. If you see each other four times in a week, reduce it twice. If you live together, spend enough “me time” apart from each other. This may sound crazy, but it works. All you need to do is make that time together meaningful and worth it. Make eye contact. Give full concentration to your partner. Kiss passionately and laugh together. You’ll be amazed how magical this can be.

Do something new and get even more creative

This can be hard for some people. But, you know your lover well enough. Spice things up and plan a “surprise activity” that gets the juices flowing!  All you need to do is plan a new fun activity that you can enjoy together.

Continue dating each other

Do not be fooled. Whether you are married or not, dating your partner will always be important. No matter how busy you are, nothing should stop you from planning dates. And don’t forget… Make all your dates count by adding novelty and new activities to the mix.


Feedback is crucial to every relationship. You must learn to communicate openly and often. The good news is you do not have to be physically together to achieve this. Express yourself and discuss how to create more excitement in your relationship. With seamless communication, knowing more on how to keep romance alive in a long-term relationship becomes even easier.