When love strikes it’s hard to deny it. Love doesn’t pick a where, a when, or a how. If love calls, you go, as life is uncertain and the beauty of it lays in the mystery. You never know when love will call and certainly not know the circumstances of it, but when it does, near or far, it’s the journey and not the destination that counts.

When love shows up from afar, we are faced with additional challenges that transcend time and distance. As hard as it is loving at a distance, it’s not impossible. Being side by side with the one we love is important, although it’s not all that is to a relationship. Even when your loved one is not close to you physically, keeping the flame alive is not only possible, but can bring you closer together.

Nothing in this world can trade the love I have for you. The sun, the moon, and not even the ocean can separate us.

The Challenge

Being truly present requires more than just being there physically for our partner. The longing and craving we have for each other can make absence extremely difficult as nothing replaces the smell of your partner’s neck and the gentle touch, skin to skin. But when apart, these little, yet incredibly big things live in our hearts and minds to keep the passion and spark alive. Whenever missing these small details is too much, remember that you have a special someone and you have something to be missing to start with. Love can be challenging, insatiable, tearing, but exquisite. And accepting the challenge of love, the pain that it can bring from being apart will make it easier. We truly can find joy and happiness in the most difficult and unimaginable places.
Attending social gatherings solo is not always easy, but remember that before we were a couple, we were independent individuals and can still feel fulfilled on our own. If the physical need is what troubles you and consider talking with your partner about other relationship to find ways that ease the challenges of being apart.


Acknowledging these challenges as a couple is imperative and then finding ways to make them easier to manage is the next step. Not being present physically is limiting, but it opens doors to possibilities that you might have not explored while together. The time apart, be it months or even years will make it possible for a couple to bond in new and different ways. Being “forced” to spend more time communicating and unraveling the wonders of your relationship is key when loving from a distance. It’s what bonds us by keeping us connected in a way that is not physical. If you run out of things to talk about, don’t panic! You can explore a new tv show to watch together or a good book that both of you enjoy. Also, ask questions about your partner’s plans for the day, what’s been on their mind lately, and keep a list of conversation starter questions handy to spur new ways to learn about each other.

I’d rather see you one day a year than someone else seven days a week

Of course, the challenges of being apart can also prompt creativity so why not try some new things to keep your passion alive?

• Writing letters
Yes, we have texts, Facetime, and all sorts of tech, but nothing beats receiving a handwritten letter from your lover. It’s intimate, old fashioned, and you never know when there’s one waiting for you in the mailbox. Bonus Points for Women: Spray a bit of your perfume on the pages so when they open your letter, a whiff of your fragrance arrives with it.

• Sexting
Don’t be shy… get frisky! Describe to your partner your wildest thoughts and create an insane sexual build-up for when you finally get to see one another. The wait and the teasing will be worth the wait.

• Sweet voice messages
Nothing beats waking up to your partner telling you how much they mean to you and to have a great day. Take your time to send both meaningful and playful voice messages. They don’t have to be long, just something to brighten your partners day.

• Dinner Date
Eating together is always a big part of any relationship, and having dinner together is still possible even at distance. When apart, pick a new recipe you both can cook, and choose one of your favorite dishes. Video call while cooking and eat together just like you were together in person.

Even though long-distance relationships take effort and determination, it’s always wonderful to finally get to see your loved one and be reunited. The anticipation created before meeting again in person can be so overwhelming and passionate. One of the amazing benefits of being apart is the lust and desire that’s created through the anticipation of seeing one another again.
It’s important to remember that long-distance is temporary and maintaining a great relationship from a distance is more than possible when a couple is committed to keeping their relationship vibrant and alive while apart.

Absence is to love as wind is to fire; It extinguishes the small and kindles the great.