By Christie Walker

Dinner and a movie are often the go-to date combination for couples who have been together for a while. But there’s not much interaction going on in a darkened theater and dinner can be just another meal if you don’t have something exciting to talk about. However, if you combine the excitement of the Amazing Race with the challenges of a scavenger hunt, you’ll have plenty to talk about when you finally sit down to eat after your adventure.

An interactive scavenger hunt adventure will have you putting your heads together to solve clues and complete mental challenges. Working as a team you’ll discover each other’s strengths, and yes, weaknesses, as you learn to work together. For example, when it comes to word scrambles such as unscrambling the following letter “osrhe” to make a word, it might as well be Greek to me, but my husband takes one look at those letters and shouts out, “horse.” But give me a math or logic problem, and I shine.

Using your smart phone to access the game, couples playing the Urban Adventure Quest adventure in Phoenix will: decode a picture puzzle, discover giant bronze bugs, find hidden symbols in public art, and solve a spy cipher all while taking a walking tour of downtown Phoenix. The game starts with a word scramble (argh!) and then you’ll play an elimination game using the sculptures in front of the Herberger Theater.

The perfect date will have you starting the game later in the afternoon or even early evening in the summer to avoid the heat, and then finishing up with dinner at a downtown restaurant where you can celebrate your achievement and relive your adventure. Wear comfortable shoes and a hat, sunscreen and bring lots of water. It is a walking tour that will take about 2 to 3 hours, depending on how fast you go. But unlike the Amazing Race, it’s not a race and there is not million-dollar prize for finishing in record time. Have fun, work together, stop for a drink along the way if you like. It’s your adventure on your schedule.


Once you’ve mastered the Phoenix Quest, you might be ready to take your game on the road, with Quests in downtown Tucson and even one in Tombstone with a Western theme.

Christie Walker is the owner of Urban Adventure Quest, a smart phone guided scavenger hunt adventure with a tour in downtown Phoenix, Tucson, and Tombstone, plus 68 other great locations across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Use promo code: FFRPHX20 for a 20% discount on any Quest. For more information go to: