By Christie Walker

Have you ever dreamed of teaming up with a special someone and competing on the Amazing Race? What an experience that would be…traveling the world, solving clues, completing challenges, learning about unique places, all while sharing the adventure with someone special. While most of us won’t be able to make this happen, there IS something that is almost as exciting.

Urban Adventure Quest, the smart-phone guided scavenger hunt adventure company, has created over 70 urban amazing race-like experiences that will have you solving clues and completing challenges as you learn fun facts about a specific city.

Played with two to four people, this interactive activity is perfect for couples that enjoy being outside, working together, like learning new things about the city and themselves. It’s great for families as well, with the kids and parents working together as a team.

The interactive game leads you on a walking tour of the city (usually under 2 miles) showing you famous and hidden gems. Each puzzle you solve or challenge you complete leads you to the next destination. With approximately 18 questions a game, the Quest should take about 2 to 3 hours to complete. The games are as unique as the city you are playing in with questions that will have you interacting with your surroundings as you learn about the unique history of the city.

You’ll also receive recommendations for places to explore after you finish playing like a hidden museum, a funky music store, or an unusual shop. Unique restaurants and places for snacks and restrooms are also pointed out within the game. Because it’s not really a race, you can take your time, stop for lunch or a glass of wine along the way. Once you have finished the game, stop to a local restaurant where you can discuss how you did and how smart you both were!

Available 365 days a year, sunrise to sunset, couples can play on their own schedule making it easy to find the perfect time to play. Go to to sign up, chose your game city and play. Use promo code: FFRPHX20 for a 20% discount on any Quest.

Even though there is no million-dollar prize, you’ll both be winners when you enjoy this exciting adventure together.