Nothing quite compares to the intoxicating feelings and emotions that come with a new love affair.  Whether you’re presently exploring a new relationship or have been in more than your fair share, we’d love to bottle the giddiness and butterflies to keep the passion and sparks alive.

Far too often, I’ve found myself confusing a love affair with a relationship.  Perhaps like you, I’ve concluded that a love affair typically morphing into a relationship based upon some amount of time passing and the effervescent feelings of passion and desire waning.  It was more of a transition from one plateau to another and just part of the process that everyone experiences.

Yet, every now and again, I’d meet a couple that had passed the test of time only to seemingly be just as happy if not happier after being together for many years.  I was perplexed and intrigued as I’d thought this type of relationship was the exception and not the norm.  That is up until my relationship with Dana,

Here’s the good and not so good news.  The good news is that love affairs can indeed transition to relationships.  The not so good news is that most of us don’t have the tools and knowledge to actually make the transition.  Too often, we throw in the towel before we really ever get started. 

We confuse the sparks and passion with love when in actuality it’s the fleeting feelings of lust and sexual chemistry that initially burn brightly but then begin to ebb and flow with time. 

It’s at this point usually within the first few years that attraction may begin to wane as the “newness” of the relationship starts to wear off.  The buzz and excitement is not the same and depending on commonality and the level of commitment, a crossroads at this point will dictate whether the love affair either moves forward or ends.  

The real secret in transforming a love affair into a relationship that goes the distance is in understanding that it’s not about settling, but in making the conscious choice to make the relationship exciting and not allowing boredom and complacency to become the norm.

As for Dana and me, we began Fun Fantasy Ritual as a personal quest to create an amazing relationship from the pretty darn hot love affair that we experienced at the beginning.  We knew that bringing mystery, surprise and adventure to our relationship on a monthly basis and not just every now and then would be the catalyst for success.  3+ years later, our relationship is stronger today than when we met and confidentially speaking, the passion and fire today blazes hotter as we explore greater depths of intimacy through vulnerability.

At Fun Fantasy Ritual, we assist couples with creating their own magic potion in enhancing their relationships and being the happiest couple they know.