Most romantic relationships start out hot and heavy where you can’t keep your hands off of each other! Every moment you have the opportunity, you’re touching, kissing, or having sex.  Somehow over time this seems to naturally dwindle that becomes acceptable for most couples.  Maybe its because it loses the mystery or maybe it’s because the hecticness of life has taken over and you’re just too tired to even think about a romantic rendezvous.

I have an idea for you.  Why don’t you pretend that you’re meeting for the first time?  Get all dressed up like you would for a first date and then meet out somewhere.  One of you must find the other and pick them up.

We recently did this on an average weekday, just because.  It wasn’t a birthday or an anniversary, we just rolled with it.  Here is how being “Strangers in the Night” played out…

First, I asked Marty if he was free on a particular evening.  He ended up not feeling well so I moved it to the next night.  Then I sent him this text.


I reserved a hotel in downtown Phoenix and then the next day texted him this…

I went to the hotel early to get ready so he wouldn’t know what I was wearing.  I had him dropped off at 5:30 pm to find me in the lobby bar.

I put on a little black dress and some sexy heels and told Marty to wear cool jeans and shoes with a blazer of some sort to dress it up a bit.  I completely forgot a cute purse and my earrings but hey it still worked out even though the plans didn’t go quite as expected, I was able to roll with it.

I had to tell several people that the seat next to me was taken so there would be room for him.  He walked up to the bar to order a drink and I said, “Are you Nic?”  he said yes, we shook hands and he said, “ Nice to finally meet you.”  We chatted for a bit and enjoyed our drinks before I slipped him a room key with the room number on it and told him to give me 5 minutes.  I’m not sure what the couple next to us thought, but for sure it gave them something to talk about that night wondering what we were up to.

I went up to the room and lit some candles and had music playing.  I anxiously awaited his arrival on the king size bed.  We had fun continuing our role playing as Roxy and Nic.  Besides, it was kinda HOT to be someone else for a few hours.

It’s best to do this early or in the afternoon before you go out to dinner.  Why?  Because who feels sexy after you’ve eaten food?  No one. I prefer to be amorous early on.

After resting for a bit, we changed our clothes to be a little more casual and went to dinner before exploring downtown Phoenix. What was cool about this is that we felt like tourists exploring a new city.  We discovered the Renaissance Hotel has a speakeasy called Melinda’s Alley on the weekends.  We also discovered two cool bars.  The Sazerac Phoenix which caught our eye because the neon sign out front said, ENTER IN THE REAR, which made us laugh.  It’s both a great indoor and outdoor space with fantastic music.  A few steps away is Lucky’s which also has a great indoor-outdoor venue. We especially liked the swings on the patio, and they have Skee-Ball too.  Both locations have great drink menus with cool vibes.

The next morning, we took it leisurely and walked to a local coffee roaster Serafina for a cup of fresh roasted coffee and then headed back to the hotel pool.  For lunch, we tried out Monroe’s Hot Chicken which I now vote as truly the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever experienced.

After lunch we packed up and returned home with great big smiles as we relived our role playing and the extraordinary evening we experienced.  This was such an exciting way to reconnect and rekindle the romance when you’re feeling as though you’re in a rut.

We talked about exploring other nearby small towns that are a part of the Phoenix metro area like downtown Gilbert or Glendale for starters.  We don’t have to drive far or get on a plane, but we can be a tourist basically in our backyard.

I hope this will inspire you to be creative and do something new.  Next time I think I’ll wear a black wig to really throw him off!