Do you already have a great relationship “and” want to find ways to make it even better?

For those of you who don’t know, FFR is the verb of Fun Fantasy Ritual. It’s the “action” of planning and implementing a surprise event or activity that you and your partner plan for the other on a monthly basis.

One of the reasons we created FFR’s is that 7 out of 10 couples remark that they would love to identify new ways to bring more excitement into their relationships.   We put the “FUN” back into date nights by providing sensational ideas that are guaranteed to add mystery, surprise, adventure and most importantly spice for you and your partner to share.

During the 4th quarter of 2017, we had 10 couples agree to participate in the pilot 90-Day FFR Challenge.  Each couple signed the Proclamation and agreed to plan at least one surprise date for the other during the months of October, November and December.  Once New Year’s Eve rolled around, 4 couples had actually planned an FFR for their partner in all 3 months.

One of the best testimonials we received spoke volumes to validating FFR’s and the impact they have on relationships.  As Melanie remarked,  “We’ve been married for 15 years and I’ve always been the date planner. I never thought my husband would be interested in FFR and was excitedly surprised when he said yes to the Challenge. By the end of the three months, he was excited to continue and we were both amazed at how the experience deepened our connection. It also made me realize why I fell in love with him in the first place! Thank You FFR!”

8 Easy Steps to become the happiest couple you know by completing the 90-Day FFR Challenge!

Step 1. Go to Fun Fantasy Ritual and sign-up for the FREE Inspiration Kit and Couples Proclamation that you’ll receive immediately.

Step 2. Print the Proclamation and Activity Form. Although the Proclamation is more silly than serious, the simple act of reviewing and signing with your partner acknowledges your commitment to not allowing your relationship to get stuck in a rut.

Step 3. This is where the FUN begins. We suggest you and your partner visit the Fun Fantasy Ritual Blog separately to begin reviewing the multitude of suggested date ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Step 4. Coordinate schedules and determine days that can be “penciled in” the calendar that work for an FFR for both of you. Immediate Action Step… Notate the first FFR that you’ll plan for the other in the first 30-days.

FFR Tip 1. Print a 1-year calendar by month on 8½ x 11 paper.   We have ours printed and taped in our closet that has all holidays, family, personal and professional dates written down that make it easy to keep track at a glance. (This is a great tool to keep important days that add to the emotional bank account when “remembered” and not forgotten!)

Step 5. Get the first FFR outlined, planned and logistics confirmed. Optional Step. You may want to consider creating a fun and festive invitation that’s either handwritten or one crafted on your computer with Evite that can then schedule a day and time to send your FFR Invitation. We’ve found this to be an additional “surprise” when we do it for each other on an occasional basis and not for every FFR we plan for each other.

NOTE: If you run into any date idea challenges, always remember that we’re available with our Date Concierge to help you all the way from the smallest of details to literally planning every aspect of your special FFR.

Step 6. It’s PARTY TIME! Part of the mystery and surprise in FFR’s is that you don’t give your partner any advance notice other than confirming the day, time and type of clothing required for the activity or event. This is where the calendar is so important. It eliminates the “oh gosh, I forgot all about that” from happening.   All information is on a need to know basis and we’ve gotten over asking each other questions about the FFR to allow the mystery and surprise be accentuated. NOW… go have an amazing FFR!

Step 7. Once the FFR is completed, be sure to grab the Activity Form to make notes and “Rate Your Date” to keep track of your FFR’s.

Step 8. Drop us a line at [email protected] telling us about your FFR along with a pic that we can share with our Community. Each month, we’ll select a winning FFR from the Community to receive a FREE Flirt Date Package ($75 value) based upon creativity, mystery, surprise, adventure and FUN.

We know that if you and your partner commit to planning a total of just six (6) dates, one for the other for 90-days, you’ll not only spice up your dates, but you’ll beg each other to continue planning FFR’s for the other each and every month going forward!