THE Relationship…

By Martin Kupper

This article was originally written by Marty Kupper in January of 2015 and he met Dana April 14th 2015 and emailed this article to her on April 20th just 6 days after meeting.  Sharing with her that she was in fact the woman he wrote about.   Enjoy!

71% or roughly 80 million of the 112+ million single men and women in the United States
believe in Love at First Sight.

In looking deeper at the numbers, as Love at First Sight tapers off as it typically does, what
is it that makes an intimate relationship extraordinary?

For me, the proverbial “ah-ha” moment struck like a lightning bolt this past month during a
conversation with a group of friends. The familiar topic was “relationships” and the
challenges of creating and maintaining them.

The conversation began with how breakdowns in communication present the greatest
challenge between couples typically resulting in distant and rather unfulfilled relationships.
Our chat seemed to zero in on three attributes that have become pervasive and prevalent in
our culture. (1) Everything and anybody seems to be “Disposable” and easily replaced.
When challenges arise, let’s just trade-in the old relationship with a newer model. (2)
People feel a profound sense of “Entitlement” whereby “rolling up one’s sleeves” and
having to work for it has become highly overrated. (3) “Immediate Gratification” or the
lack thereof is the barometer for happiness.

So, what’s at the root of creating and maintaining an extraordinary intimate relationship?
Motivational guru Tony Robbins likes to articulate the distinction of our “must” and
“want” lists when it comes to relationships. Our wants unequivocally outnumber our
musts. The enviable relationship embraces shared values, beliefs and goals without
compromising the “musts” that both individuals desire.

The quintessential key in creating a truly dynamic and successful relationship resides in
direct proportion to how honest, straightforward and determined we are in sharing
ourselves authentically.

The art of vulnerability is the creative dance to successful relationships that encourages
authentic full self-expression combined with respect, trust and integrity. The greater
challenge is not this age-old knowledge, but in our “showing up” where trust and respect
are earned through the congruency of words and actions on a consistent basis. It’s truly the
essence of walking our talk instead of talking our talk.

The other secret most people overlook is “who” they will have to be in order to attract
THE Relationship they wish to manifest. As supreme manifestors with the ability to create
infinite possibilities, it’s truly in the alignment of how I am showing up energetically that
dictates who I will attract and vice versa.

As for me, this is what “my” relationship looks like:

“I am with a woman that takes my breath away with her beauty both inside and out. I am
attracted by her “light” and “energy” that gives me goose bumps just thinking about her.
She always speaks her mind freely and without abandon. We push the limits to inquire,
explore, expand, and yearn for the horizon of what makes us who we are and what we are
all about. It’s truly a conscious expression of wanting to always explore how to grow both
individually and together. I give myself fully. She wants me madly. We have a
foundation of trust, honesty, compassion, unbridled love, incredible chemistry, and a home
that is warm, comfortable, and inviting. My woman has amazing grace, poise, wit, charm,
caring, and sensitivity.

Our relationship inspires us to be the very best we can be. We light up a room when we
enter. We are the envy of our family, friends, and those we encounter. We work a room
with our individual magic and steal glances at each other from time to time. A knowing
look between us speaks toward our commitment, desire, and that in just over an hour or
two, we will be back at home in each others arms recounting the nights moments and
engaging in passionate love. We touch and feel like we have never been touched before.
We trust like we have never trusted. I share my soul’s intimacies that I have kept to
myself. We explore the boundaries of our imaginations and live presently in each moment.
We laugh a lot more than we cry. We express our thoughts and desires knowing that “our”
secrets are safe and that it is about transcending all hurt and pain that we’ve been witness.
I have a partner who is wild, reckless, and free to explore her sensuality in our bedroom.
We press the envelope of our sexuality and are able to share our deepest secrets of
intimacy and wanton lust. My partner holds and kisses me tenderly while instilling a sense
of fortitude and strength that allows me to be the man that I am. I spoil her with the “little”
things in life that bring smiles, warmth, and a sense of completeness. We listen without
judgment and give without hesitation.

The woman in my life knows that I am supportive, loving, and considerate. She knows
how special she is by my encouraging her to always find ways to expand her horizons and
learn more about what makes her happy. To trust explicitly and empower candidly–Our
relationship propels us to new heights of exploration in every facet of our lives. I am the
very best I can be. Most of all, my partner not only admires me for my talents and
abilities, but also for the silly things that I do in order to keep our relationship young,
vibrant, and alive.”

What does THE Relationship you’re looking to enhance or create look and feel like?
Perhaps you will begin to jot down your own must and want lists. As for me, I am
committed to manifesting THE Relationship, and as you can see, it’s going to be
something truly magical…